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Success Stories

Vericom Client- Fitness Gym
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Original State

Current State

  • Sites »
  • 77
  • 110
  • Telecom Budget »
  • $4.1 million
  • $2.9 million
  • Budget Tracking »
  • Significantly over budget with no viable explanation.
  • On target with monthly itemized variance explanations.
  • Monthly Provider Bills »
  • 210
  • 4
  • Monthly Itemized Charges »
  • > 1,500 itemized charges requiring monthly GL coding.
  • < 1,500 with proper GL coding provided.
  • Inventory Tools »
  • Spreadsheets.
  • Vericom Telecom Management Database.
  • Contract Compliance Tracking »
  • No set plan.
  • All contracts tracked and monitored.
  • Visibility & Control »
  • Minimal.
  • Excellent.
  • State of Technology & Services »
  • Outdated.
  • Doubled MPLS bandwidth & upgraded Internet to fiber.
  • Internal Resources »
  • Overworked with unrealistic expectations.
  • Empowered with proper knowledge and support.
  • Productivity & Response Status »
  • Reactive. Limited by lack of tools, resources & time.
  • Proactive. Dramatically improved productivity.
  • Vericom helped reduce our client’s annual cost of telecommunications by more than $2 million.

  • Updated technology and added fiber internet connections with redundant services to all sites.

  • > 2x MPLS bandwidth.

  • AP receives three consolidated bills each month with monthly close-out statement, eliminating hundreds of bill processings.

  • Proper GL coding, variance-to-budget explanations, and accuracy review. Translation: our client knows their bills are correct, paid on time, and their internal AP department no longer must process hundreds of monthly invoices.

  • Client’s customers are better served, internal productivity has improved, and proper processes and resources are now in place to ensure a proactive environment moving forward.

Succinct Success Stories

Vericom Succinct Successes

  • The Challenge

  • 200 location International Retailer with billing and tracking problems.

  • Dozens of telecom bills requiring follow-up.
  • Inaccurate and out-of-date inventory.
  • Over 200 monthly bills to pay on time.
  • Vericom Solution

  • $100k in billing refunds.
  • Ported inventory to our Telecom Management Portal©, reviewed and processed invoices.
  • 2 monthly bills from Vericom, GL coded, with variance-to-budget explanations.
  • > $1.5 million first 2-years’ savings.
  • The Challenge

  • A hospital with cost control and billing problems.

  • Vericom Solution

  • Reduced cost by over $100k/year.
  • Twenty years of continued billing, purchasing, contract compliance and order processing support.
  • The Challenge

  • A car dealer unsure about getting best pricing from telecom services.

  • Vericom Solution

  • $100k a year in savings, $20K in refunds.
  • Regained complete control over telecom environment.
  • Single source for all things telecom.
  • Twenty years of continued support in billing, purchasing, contract compliance and order processing.
  • The Challenge

  • A growing national fitness center with over 1000 mobile devices was concerned with inventory, cost and control over their mobile environment.

  • Vericom Solution

  • Identified all devices, removed 125-unused devices
  • $300k reduced annual spending.
  • All orders and bills reviewed, placed, processed and paid by Vericom wireless experts.

Our client’s savings, satisfaction and newfound efficiency are our greatest successes. Get in touch, let us save you money, save you time, and get telecom peace of mind.

Dictionaries Delivered!

Vericom CEO Blake Philips delivering dictionaries with Laura Brockman.
Vericom CEO Blake Philips delivering dictionaries with Laura Brockman.
Delivering dictionaries to 3rd grade students through the Kiwanis Wake County Dictionary Project with Lauren Brockman- taken at Leesville Elementary school here in Raleigh!
The Highwood’s Kiwanis Club of Raleigh, North Carolina is a service organization comprised of caring men and women from all walks of life who bring aid to children in need. The majority of their efforts benefit children in this community.
Highwood’s Kiwanis Club works with local Key Clubs and Builders Clubs, sponsors Terrific Kids, distributes dictionaries to local third graders, tutors and reads at local elementary schools, building friendships and adding value to our own lives.
For more info, visit-

Vericom Greets Officer at Kiwanis Meeting

Vericom CEO Blake Philips with Officer Faust
Vericom CEO Blake Philips with Officer Faust
Officer Lindsay Faust of the Raleigh Police Gang Suppression Unit was our speaker at a local Kiwanis meeting. Officer Lindsay did an excellent job of helping educate the members of our club about what is going on in our community with regards to gangs. The key takeaway for us was that when kids grow up with no parents or absentee parents and families in high risk communities, they can be tempted to seek the family bond offered by gangs. Once they head in that direction, it is difficult to separate from that path. Thanks for your time and dedication, Officer Faust!


Over Twenty Five Years of Telecom Experience

Founded in 1993 in Raleigh, NC. by CEO Blake Phillips, The Vericom Group has established a team that has gone on to manage and optimize telecom services and systems for a wide variety of businesses and industries, from health care to retail, from single site entities to multi-national corporations, and everything in between.

Telecom is an essential part of your business. We’re betting The Vericom Group can help you save you money, time and streamline your telecom systems.