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Integrate new and existing services, equipment and billing.

Optimize management and technology.

Simplify and reduce telecom workload.

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Saving you time and money.

Telecom management.

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Telecom peace of mind.

In-depth industry knowledge.

Proven ability and experience.

Telecom management systems are costing you money. Changing plans, upgraded systems and merging companies are just a few situations that can affect your bottom line. That’s where Vericom comes in.
We save money and increase productivity.


Telecom Blueprint

Isn’t it about time you know for certain where you stand on all your telecom services, expenses, and work from a proactive plan moving forward?

Ordering and Procurement

Get what you need at the price you want without all the hassle, and never speak with a telecom salesperson again.

Mobility Management

Control all your devices and avoid confusion, from policy to provisioning, from invoicing to inventory; all in one cloud-based management system.

Total Telecom Management (TTM)

TEM (Telecom Expense Management) on steroids. Let the experienced Vericom team provide your team with complete visibility and control over all things telecom.

Invoice Process and Pay

Up to 20% of telecom charges are in error, usually favoring the carrier. You need to know your bills are correct. Vericom can give you the tools to make it happen.

Contract Lifecycle Management

Know where all your contracts are and that you’re receiving the contracted rates and terms. Plus, be proactive with regards to end-of-contract terms and processes.

Contact us to find out how Vericom can save you money and time.